Zones of Regulation

What is the Zones of Regulation?

The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum that supports students with "keeping it together...while falling apart." All of us have times in our day when we struggle with regulating our feelings related to our environment. Sometimes our struggles have to do with a task that is overwhelming and other times we could be having trouble with relationships. These situations happen at school every day so it is crucial that children have the tools available to them to help keep calm in stressful situations. 

When you're in the Blue Zone, your body is running slow.
The Green Zone, like a green light, is when you are "good to go."
When entering the Yellow Zone, proceed with caution and slow down!
The Red Zone is reserved for extreme emotions, when you are out of control and must STOP!

We hope to be in the Green Zone for the most of our day, but when we get into other zones there are tools that we can use to get back to the Green Zone where we feel in control of our feelings.Here are some tools that students could use in each zone:

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